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I'm a busy mom, and I want to look and feel

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Hello, beautiful moms!

As a busy mother in my early 40's, I know how hard it can be to eat healthy, find time to exercise, and treat yourself to a little "you time." Instead of being so preoccupied with "looking good," we begin to focus on what makes us "feel good" so we have superhero strength and stamina for our career and family.

Last year, I designed a 6-week weight loss program called "Skinny, Strong & Smart." I initially intended to be sleek and straightforward - a program strictly about losing weight based on my tips and tricks for slimming down for my fitness video shoots.

But I quickly realized I had so much more to share about my experience in my new role of "mom," and all the methods and strategies I use to boost my energy, support my immune system, keep my body supple and strong, and honor myself as the amazing superhero I want to be for my kids and career.

So my old program, "Skinny, Strong & Smart," is now the SUPERHERO HEALTH PROJECT! The new program is currently under renovation, with a scheduled grand reopening in 2017.

If you're a mom like me and want to learn more about the Superhero Health Project, then start by grabbing my free bonus e-guide, and I'll keep you posted as we get closer to the Re-Launch of this amazing program, for moms just like you!


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